How 1 Chic Cookie Helps 12 Cool Causes: Supporting Stores Who Give Back

January 28, 2019

Say Good Morning to Pledgeling's Give & Grow partners Goodnight Macaroon and discover what will become a favorite new clothing store that gives back to a cause!

Well, actually it’s 12 CAUSES and Goodnight Macaroon donates $1.00 per order to help support them!


When you shop chic at Goodnight Macaroon your purchases give back to causes including the World Wildlife Fund, Teach for America, Feeding America, United Way Worldwide, UNICEF USA, Humane Society of the United Sates, the Boys & Girls Club of America and 6 more! Just click the little "i" icon on the bottom right of the store's Impact Calculator (Image below) to flip it and see all 12 causes.

To date, their stylish, conscientious customers have helped raised over $13,167.00 and counting -

Now that’s one big, caring cookie!



Today we have numerous options to discover and shop at stores that not only provide us with products we love, but support causes we care about. Your support gives Shopify entrepreneurs like Goodnight Macaroon, along with over 3,000 brands and business who have integrated mission into their business, give back over $16 Million dollars to date.


How do you know your donation is going where the store says it is?

Look for the trusted Pledgeling logo. Pledgeling provides the technology and expertise necessary for organizations and individuals to collect charitable donations and demonstrate their impact.

The Pledgeling Foundation, a US tax-exempt 501c(3) organization that is separate from Pledgeling Technologies, Inc., aggregates donations and regrants them to the nonprofit recipient.

Pledgeling has over 200,000 nonprofit organizations in the database (check them out HERE) to choose from and can add any 501c3 organization that is in good standing quickly and easily so that donations can be made locally, nationally and often times, globally!

So you can rest assured that the business you are supporting are doing their part to give back, and that your donation will make its way to the proper recipient in a timely manner.

So whether you’re a socially responsible fashionista looking for some of today’s hottest handbags, highest boots, softest sweaters and more at Goodnight Macaroon or store owner seeking to integration mission into your brand, Pledgeling makes it possible.


Too much?  Did I go too far?

Shop + Donate = ShopNate.  Shopinating.



Well, if my portmanteau doesn’t work for you (yet!), then surely Goodnight Macaroon’s delectable SALE going on right now will.  And it’s just in time for Valentine’s Day!


Want to make 2019 your sweetest year of GIVING BACK?  Then let Pledgeling show you how we’ve simplified the entire charitable giving and tracking process.  Download GIVE & GROW from the Shopify App Store HERE  and get started today, or contact us at Pledgeling and let’s talk about the possibilities.