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Product integration

Seamlessly integrate giving into your user experience.

Build native donation capabilities into your product, no matter what business you’re in!

Think of us as your engagement technology partner. Pledge's solutions and API allow any company to seamlessly incorporate charitable giving throughout its products.

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Trusted by companies revolutionizing giving experiences for their customers, including:


Charity search

Connect users to their favorite causes

Offer your users the ability to search for their favorite nonprofits around the world by name, location or cause directly through your site.

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  • Customizable:
    Ability to limit or specify which nonprofits are searchable.

  • Global:
    Includes all nonprofits in the US, UK, Australia, and 80+ countries.

  • Native:
    Integrate into any webpage and app—on your own or with our help.

Donation processing

Enable users to give to their favorite causes

Allow your users to donate to nonprofits without leaving your platform. With our flexible API you have complete control over the user experience and can allow your users to donate in a variety of ways.

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  • Native Integration:
    Enable direct donations to nonprofits as part of your user experience.

  • Custom Options:
    Allow users to choose their own donation amount or provide preset options for them.

  • E-Commerce Integrations:
    Round up transactions or designate a % of sales per product.

  • Donation Receipts:
    Pledge sends the tax receipt to donors and disburses the funds to nonprofits.

Developer APIs

Build your own giving product using our tools

The Pledge API allows you to seamlessly integrate global charity search and donation processing into your online platforms. Building a startup that incorporates charitable giving components? With our flexible API you have complete control over your user’s experience.

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  • Charity search:

    Access over 2 million nonprofits globally with advanced search capabilities.

  • Donation processing:

    Integrate micro-donations, or embed customizable donation forms into your customer experience.

  • Embeddable fundraisers:

    Empower your users to raise money for nonprofits all over the world.

  • Impact calculators:

    Demonstrate your impact in real-time using customizable and embeddable impact calculators.

Partner spotlight

See how companies like Evite are integrating impact into their products.

About the Partnership

Evite — Party with a Purpose

Evite launched Evite Donations to allow every event host to attach their favorite nonprofit to their Evite invitation (for free!) and collect donations from their guests in lieu of, or in addition to, traditional party gifts.

Evite donation

“Tapping into the power of our network to help create social good is an incredibly important component of our mission—and that made finding the right partner all the more critical. Pledge was the clear partner of choice for multiple reasons. Of course we needed to be confident that their platform could handle our unique customization needs and scale (and we send out hundreds of millions of invitations each year). But more than that, we need to find a team that we could trust, that would move as fast and as reliably as our own, and maybe most importantly, that shared our #1 company value of “Act with the Utmost Integrity”. We found all of those things in Pledge, and more.”

Victor Cho, CEO, Evite
Victor Cho

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